Wiring & Rewiring

New Installations & Renovations

Idahome Energy offers wiring installation, replacement, and repair services for residential electrical systems. Our electricians are trained and certified and have experience with all major brands of wiring. We can help you with new installations, whole-house rewiring, and panel upgrades. We can also help with wiring repairs and replacements if your system needs an update.
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Wiring for New Homes & Renovations

At Idahome Energy we offer professional wiring for new homes and renovations.  Maybe you need new wiring installed for a new bedroom you’re adding, a new lighting recessed installation, or a new set of outlets. Maybe you’re renovating an older home and need the electricians to install new wiring for modern appliances in a vintage kitchen. 
Or perhaps you’re building a new home and want the wiring and electrical systems installed professionally from the start. Whatever your needs, Idahome Energy is here to help with residential wiring for new installations and renovations.

Wiring for New Installations

When you’re adding a new room, an entire addition, a bedroom, a den, or another room, you need professional wiring installed to power your new appliances and lighting. Our team can help with the wiring for any new addition or room addition. We can also help with outlets and switches for the new room if you are upgrading or replacing an old one.
Some of the wiring services we offer for room additions and new installations include:

Wiring Repair & Replacement

While we strive to provide the best service possible for wiring installation and new construction, sometimes things go wrong. The wires can get damaged during installation, or the way the system is configured can cause problems down the line. Sometimes rodents make their way into the walls and chew through the wires. Whatever the issue may be, our team is ready to provide professional wiring repair and replacement.
Common signs of faulty wiring include:
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Be Energy Independent

Start your energy independence journey today! Having a solar energy system installed on your home means you have your own independent power source.

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