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Professional Outlet Installation, Repair & Maintenance

Idahome Energy has a team of electricians who are trained and licensed to install outlets, and we use the highest quality products available. You can count on us to provide the service you need quickly, efficiently, and accurately.
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When to Call an Electrician for Outlet Installation?

While you probably have the skills and ability to install some outlets, there are situations where it is better to call an electrician. If the outlet will be placed in a hazardous location, such as near a pool or in a wet space, it is best to call an electrician so that the outlet can be installed correctly and safely. 
Other situations where you should call an electrician for outlet installation include:
Any time you are unsure if you can complete the outlet installation yourself, it is best to call an electrician. Our professional electricians at Idahome Energy are ready to help with any and all outlet installation projects.

Be Energy Independent

Start your energy independence journey today! Having a solar energy system installed on your home means you have your own independent power source.

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