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Over the years, more and more Idaho residents have embraced all of the great benefits that solar energy has to offer. Whether you’re one of the many customers who already has a solar array installed or someone who’s just now considering switching to solar, Idahome Energy has all of the services you need and more.
From design and installation to ongoing maintenance and repairs, our solar services attend to your solar panels throughout their lifespan. We also offer accessories and additional services to expand your solar capabilities and get you the most energy at the lowest price. When you need any kind of solar services, big or small, turn to the licensed and insured professionals at Idahome Energy.
Home batteries are used to store energy from your solar panels so that it can be used at a later time.
After your energy needs and goals have been identified, our in house team will design a solar system custom to you.
Once you have approved the design, we will install your custom solar system. 
Now you can enjoy true energy independence! We will be there to help repair and maintain your system. 

build a customized solar energy system

Start with the basics. Every solar system is made of the same basic parts – an array of panels, an inverter, a net meter, and an electrical system to connect everything to. The panels collect energy, the inverter makes sure that energy is compatible with your appliances, the net meter measured how much energy gets produced and used, and your electrical system makes sure that all of that energy gets where it needs to go safely and efficiently.
While these core elements can’t be changed, you still have customization options when it comes to your panels and how they’re set up. An array can be placed on the ground, on your roof, on specialized parking and shade structures, or on any other flat surface with enough surface area. The number of panels in your array can also be altered to accommodate your unique power needs.


Once you have a basic solar energy system set up, it’s time to look into any possible additions you may want or need. Solar accessories can add new functions and safeguards to your system that take it to the next level and let you enjoy even more great benefits.
Take, for example, battery storage systems. These popular solar accessories let you store solar energy for later use, so that even when it’s too dark for your panels to generate power, your property can still run on renewable energy. Our solar services team is ready to help customers in Treasure Valley and communities all over Idaho create solar energy systems perfectly tailored to their needs.

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Our solar services team is ready to help customers in Treasure Valley and communities all over Idaho create solar energy systems perfectly tailored to their needs.  Call (208) 997-6527 or get in touch with us online today for a free consultation and estimate!

Be Energy Independent

Start your energy independence journey today! Having a solar energy system installed on your home means you have your own independent power source.

To learn more about the many benefits of solar contact us today for your free consultation!

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