Electrical Inspections

Thorough Electrical Inspections in Idaho

Is your electrical system up to the necessary standards for safe, reliable operation? Do you have issues starting to emerge that may require a major upgrade or remodel in the future? These are just a few of the things that can be determined through a Boise electrical inspection from Idahome Energy. Our electricians offer extensive and thorough examinations of your system to check for outdated equipment, potential danger points, and even ways you can improve your energy stability into the future.
Idaho State Law requires a thorough electrical inspection of all new installations and repairs to ensure the system is up to code. At IdahoHome Energy, our certified team can ensure your electrical system is safe and up to all of the latest standards published by the National Electrical Code. We will do a thorough visual inspection, test important components, and even make recommendations for ways you can prepare your home for the future.
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New Installations
and Repairs

Are you looking to make a major change to your home’s electrical system? If so, you likely will need to arrange for a permit to complete the job. Once the major change is completed, you will need to have the new installation or repair work inspected in order for local building regulators to sign off on your permit. This is where a professional inspection is a crucial part of your project.
You can trust our team of certified electricians to help you not only make sure the work is done right but that it is ready for inspection by government officials. We care about our customers and will do whatever it takes to help you.

What Happens During an Electrical Inspection?

Our certified electricians are trained to be thorough with every inspection they perform. As with any inspection, the process begins with a walk-through of your home or business to visually inspect the system and learn more about what it is tasked with each day. This includes looking at light fixtures, switches, outlets, and what appliances you have. The inspection also includes a thorough check of your panel and all components. We will compare your system to the Idaho Building Code and National Electrical Code to determine if there are any issues.
Some of the components that will be inspected include:
During your inspection, our technicians will make a note of anything they find that does not comply with current electrical codes or local building standards. If they find any components that are not up to code, we can arrange to have them replaced or repaired as needed. We will also do a safety check of all outlets and appliances.

When Do I Need an Electrical Inspection?

There are a number of reasons why you may need an electrical inspection. Some of the most common include:
It’s also not a bad idea to schedule an electrical inspection every few years to make sure your home or business remains code-compliant and up to all current safety standards. Wear and tear can set in over time, and that could cause headaches if it were to cause something to go wrong. Make sure your lights stay on with quality services from Idahome Energy.

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