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Leveraging Net Energy Metering in Idaho: A Smart Way to Save and Sustain

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With the growing emphasis on sustainability, many homeowners across Central Idaho—from Boise to Nampa, Caldwell, and Mountain Home—are considering the shift to solar energy. This comprehensive blog post will explore the viability of solar panels in Idaho, recent changes in Idaho Power’s net metering policy, and the impact of these panels on home values. We’ll use updated information directly from Idaho Power’s guidelines to ensure you have the most current insights.

Does Solar Make Sense in Idaho?

In Idaho, the commitment to renewable energy is robust, with Idaho Power setting a goal to achieve 100% clean energy by 2045 and the city of Boise aiming to reach this milestone by 2035. These ambitious targets make solar energy an increasingly appealing option in the state. Solar panels not only reduce carbon footprints but also align with local and statewide initiatives toward renewable energy. Given Idaho’s plentiful sunny days, particularly in areas like Meridian and Eagle, investing in solar can yield considerable energy savings and support these community energy goals.

Impact of Idaho Power’s New Net Metering and Rate Changes

Recent adjustments in Idaho Power’s net metering policy have prompted questions about future electricity bills. Under the new structure, detailed on their customer generation page, the compensation for solar energy sent back to the grid has shifted, potentially affecting the financial dynamics of installing new solar systems. While this might alter the payback period for solar investments, the long-term savings and environmental benefits remain significant, particularly in cities like Kuna and Caldwell where solar uptake is growing.

Do Solar Panels Add Value to a Home in Idaho?

Adding solar panels can increase a home’s market value, a trend supported by studies and market data. In Idaho, homes with solar installations tend to sell for more than those without. This increase in property value is seen not just in Boise but across Central Idaho, where energy efficiency is highly valued by home buyers. Properties equipped with solar systems attract buyers interested in lower utility bills and sustainable living, thereby commanding a premium in the real estate market.

New Solar Installation that takes care of Net Metering in Kuna Idaho.

Benefits of Net Energy Metering in Idaho

Net Energy Metering (NEM) has been a key incentive for homeowners considering solar. This policy allows solar panel owners to send unused electricity back to the grid in exchange for credits, effectively reducing their electricity bills. Despite recent changes, net metering still offers substantial benefits:

  • Cost Efficiency Over Time: By reducing the volume of electricity purchased from the grid, homeowners can protect themselves against rising energy prices, particularly in regions like Fruitland and Mountain Home.
  • Increased Energy Independence: With solar panels and effective net metering, residents can enjoy a greater degree of energy autonomy, lessening their reliance on utility companies.
  • Support for Renewable Energy: This policy encourages the adoption of clean energy solutions, aligning with Idaho’s environmental goals.


Solar energy remains a wise investment in Idaho, particularly in Central Idaho’s diverse cities from Boise to Nampa. Despite new rate changes by Idaho Power, the benefits of installing solar panels—ranging from reduced utility bills to increased property values and environmental contributions—continue to make solar a viable and beneficial energy solution. For homeowners in Idaho looking to make an informed decision about solar energy, staying updated on policy changes and considering the broader benefits is crucial.

If you’re ready to explore how solar can transform your home energy system and positively impact your financial and environmental footprint, contact Idahome Energy. We’re here to guide you through every step of the process, ensuring that your move to solar power is smooth and beneficial.

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